our mission

Finding commercial real estate opportunities where we can unlock value through development, renovation, and value add improvements.

what we build

V20 Projects

Commercial Developments

Our business model involves transforming neglected buildings and properties into stunning architectural marvels. By reimagining and revitalizing these spaces, we bring value to areas that were previously overlooked.

Neighborhood Continuity

The V20 Group is cognizant of the architectural history and designs of the communities where we build. We work with local governments and building departments to ensure that our projects reflect the character of the area where we build and complement the neighborhood.

Architectural Design

We take a hands-on approach to all aspects of a building’s design. From its curb appeal, fenestration, evolving needs for open, indoor spaces, and the use of innovative building materials to ensure quiet and comfortable areas, our developments are innovative and cutting edge.

V20's Goals

Our commitment to
prolific projects and advanced design

Project vision

Years of local and national construction experience adds to our expertise when creating the perfect vision for our projects. Our team strategically collaborates on each property to achieve our objectives.

Quality Design

We take a hands-on approach to our building design so the project fits into the community where it is being built.

Construction Experience

We have a vast knowledge of real estate construction and possess a large comprehension of real estate finance as well.

Commitment to Environment

When selecting materials for our projects, the V20 Group picks environmentally-friendly products or materials that have been sustainably sourced.

Innovative Materials

V20 keeps its hand on the pulse of innovation and technology when considering to build. The properties we build are thoughtfully designed to blend into local communities.

Community Involvement

We restore and rebuild but we also do so in a manner consistent with respect to the existing architecture and building codes that have been established in communities for years.